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Devika 20 11 07 © Noughts and Cr.png
Ridge - View

Located in a quaint, cloistered corner in the heart of New Delhi, this cozy apartment is the epitome of life and vigour. Nestled at the edge of a ridge and facing a forest cover our main aim was to open the windows and let nature right in! 
This home depicts the personalities of its inhabitants. Their love for colour, travel, and books is evident in the interior style. 


Gut Renovating the kitchen was a challenge as we had to change the plumbing lines and we moved the position of sink and hob. 
We studied the existing structure and after careful consideration these changes were incorporated.


Every inch of the space is used in a way that the end users will enjoy every part of their home. Our favourite is the 3rd room that was converted into a walk in closet!

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