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TWI works very closely with you-the client, to give you a unique expression. Our strength lies in the the decors we create, which blend subtle elegance, with innovation, refined style and intrigue, urging in good chi. 

We design spaces you will enjoy coming home to, and spend time in. 

We understand that your home and office, is your cocoon, where you unfold your wings, rest, rejuvenate, dream and work towards making those dreams a reality. 

We share the accolades with our talented team at The Works Interiors, who have shared the journey with us for the last several years and make TWI one big family.

TWI routinely invests in trainings, carpentry workshops and skill building exercises for the team. The rewards come in the form of exquisitely detailed joinery, fine workmanship, pride in one’s work, a sense of belonging and a healthy work culture that enjoys camaraderie, trust and moral integrity.  

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