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I am a professional interior designer based in New Delhi and have been working in this field for over 20 years. After working as a free lancer for a couple of years I co-founded ‘The Works –Interiors’ with my husband in 1998. Together we design spaces and fabricate bespoke furniture and each piece is a labor of love.

Designing is an intricate process…it’s a puzzle and is a constant selection and elimination of thoughts, ideas and materials to find the right balance between the end user and the product designed for them.

This blog is a journey of self-expression. It is a great platform to share with you a collection of my thoughts, inspirations, experiences. 


This post is dedicated to the home office or the ‘Hoffice’!

Many of us are taking advantage of the fact that ‘the world is flat’.

In today’s day and age of the Internet we have a choice of working out of our homes, it then becomes imperative to create the right ambience for an efficient workspace.


Ideally the office should be in a separate room, but incase of space constraints, a small corner of an open kitchen plan, under the staircase, corner of a bed room or living area will work well, provided all details have been paid attention to.

Your space should inspire and beckon you to start your day with a smile!


Tips to find the right place!

  • Try finding a spot in your home that is well lit up (has natural day light),

  • Free movement within the demarcated area

  • Everything should have a place for it- organize your storage space well – Drawers for stationery, papers; Shelves for books etc.

  • Basics such as a good lamp, Internet connection and a comfortable chair should not be ignored!

  • Most importantly– your space should be a quiet haven!


Take a peek at my space at home….

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