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I am a professional interior designer based in New Delhi and have been working in this field for over 20 years. After working as a free lancer for a couple of years I co-founded ‘The Works –Interiors’ with my husband in 1998. Together we design spaces and fabricate bespoke furniture and each piece is a labor of love.

Designing is an intricate process…it’s a puzzle and is a constant selection and elimination of thoughts, ideas and materials to find the right balance between the end user and the product designed for them.

This blog is a journey of self-expression. It is a great platform to share with you a collection of my thoughts, inspirations, experiences. 


Devika- This is the most common question everyone asks, but how did you start?

Dhara–  All the way from early school days, Art and creative endeavours always meant joy & happiness in my comfort zone. So the choice was laid out ahead and there was no thinking about anything else. With added encouragement, guidance and academic pursuit in art through the right people around me, it all fell into place and as things in time proceeded, steps lead to a continuous journey ever since.


Devika- Any artist who particularly inspires you stylistically?

Dhara- There are several artists that I admire and look up to… it’s the nature of intelligence explored through their work that inspires me….I dont see a clear or a direct influence in my work, however its their treatment of form and material in context that I aspire for in my work and look up to. To name a few- Tara Donovan, Zaha Hadid, Vivan Sundaram, Jagannath Panda, Jitesh Kallat…..and more…..


Devika- Any philosophy that you follow?

Dhara- ‘Nature is an infinite sphere, of which the centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere’

 Blaise Pascal


Devika- What is your current focus of work?

Dhara- Presently I am compiling works for a show, and am focused on site specific wall installations. A process that got me started since Nov 2012, during a show at Stainless (New Delhi) continued through a project for Raqs media initiative’ Sarai reader 09 at Devi art foundation (Gurgaon) in January 2013 and is in process of further working upon.


Devika- What kind of an artist do you tag yourself as?

Dhara- Another admirer of nature……


Devika- On the road to self-quest, any pearls of wisdom to share with our audience?

Dhara- On this note I shall say what Nicolas Rodrich once expressed … ‘Knowledge & beauty are corner stones of our existence….as a community we affirm it not only as a prayer but also as a command. For all hearts are united in these spheres’

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